YCT has four main programs as mentioned below that contribute to YCT’s strategic plan and the central aim of making women and youth more actively involved in the political, social and developmental process in Myanmar.

Women’s Political Leadership

Women participation in politics as a leading role is a core focus ot YCT’s strategic plan to address the gender equality in Myanmar. In order to increase women participation in politics and decision-making role at all levels, YCT has been carrying out the women leadership and empowerment program named “She Leads” since 2015.

Gender Equality in Local Governance

YCT will strategically intervene to increase women’s representation in local governance by providing a series of trainings, and workshops, and advocating with different stakeholders to develop policies that effectively increase women’s participation.

Women’s resilience to Humanitarian Crisis

Women in Myanmar have been suffering from a humanitarian criss such as natural disaster and other kinds of crises as well as Gender based Violence against women. There is a special need to help them to be free from those crises in Myanmar. YCT will intervene to address those crises by planning the preparation for natural disaster, being able to implement the basic needs for post disaster and the reduction of the impact on natural disaster. In order to reduce the GBV against women in Myanmar, YCT will raise awareness on prevention of GBV and the rehabilitation for those affected by GBV.

Social Enterprises for Women in Local Community

Women in Myanmar face major barriers in employment, education and health care. The majority of women’s lives in Myanmar are dominated by unpaid domestic work such as cooking, washing, carrying water, gathering firewood and childcare. To help address this, YCT will look to raise awareness among men and women about shared domestic responsibilities and implement vocational trainings and women’s economic empowerment programs in local communities.